Partnership is common amongst many businesses. Have you thought about what would happen if your partner passed away prior to retirement? Protect yourself and your family by insuring both yourself and your partner to avoid the business expunging a mass amount of money of which could leave the business in either a critical or even fatal state. The cost of life insurance is much cheaper than bankruptcy.

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LIfe Insurance

Buying Business Partnership Insurance

This product is simply essential for businesses with partners involved. Businesses must operate at all times and if a partner passes away his or hers family may make this incredibly hard to do so. BPI is a guaranteed way to ensure the business carries on with minimal stress due to the loss of a partner. An assessment of the net worth is performed to determine the company’s value along with a prediction of future years to come. This ensures the company is able to pay out the deceased partners family without the business suffering from any of these costs.

Business Partnership insurance should be considered in any business that carries partners. This helps families stay out of court and keeps businesses running.

Businesses often run for long periods of time. some may even run for in excess of 20 years. At this time the BPI may expire or have to be renewed at a higher cost of Insurance.

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