IGS Insurance Understands Canadians are living longer lives thanks to healthier lifestyles and medical breakthroughs. Yet as we age, we may lose our ability to independently care for ourselves. Provincial health plans may cover some of the costs for long-term care, but the majority of expenses are covered by families, causing financial hardship. Protect your family and at the same time ensure you get the medical attention you deserve.

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Buying Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care Insurance or Living care is for individuals who are looking to relieve there families from the financial burden of taken care of them. this product is meant to take care of the out-of-pocket medical expenses we incur as our age progresses. Providing you with the ability to chose to have medical care at home or in a respected facility.

This product should be considered by anyone wishing to protect their retirement, Family Income, preserve there estate or simply to relieve there family of stress. Long-Term Care is an excellent option to obtain the right medical treatment without draining the costs of your retirement funds.

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