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At IGS Insurance Inc. we understand investing and purchasing insurance is not at all the easiest thing to do. We pride ourselves on our passion for the industry and are prompt on giving clients the ability to provide knowledge and updated products at all times. We carry a vast array of extremely reliable insurance companies which can be yours for the picking. Our work is in the best interest of our clients spending one on one time with each individual to perform a proper analysis of their needs. With a minimum of 10 years’ experience giving you the best product to fit your portfolio. Please feel free to contact us at any time for a free consultation with no obligation.

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Our active role at IGS Insurance is the sole purpose of Tranquility and peace of mind. The ability to be relieved! There comes a time in everyone’s life where we need to finally relax, IGS Insurance is the best place to ensure this happens at the right time. Free consultations to anyone that carries an interest in retiring with a carefree life!

We would also like to encourage Business Owners and Employees, our expertise in the insurance industry does not stop at individual products. We carry a vast array of Group Insurance Carriers. Securing your Company with the most competitive rates in the market! these products include; Group Retirement Packages, Life Insurance, Medical Reimbursement plans, Extensive Dental Plans, Extended health benefits, Disability beyond the average WSIB plan and much much more! Our goal is to save business owners high costs and maintain a healthy work environment. Call or Contact us today for free consultations with no Obligations. We’re here to Help!

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