Life insurance can be overwhelming, intimidating, and often even exhausting. There are so many different options and solutions to create the absolute best result for each individual client. IGS Insurance makes all of this much easier with our Financial Needs Analysis! Using this easy & simple questionnaire, we are able to decipher what type of person you are and what type of product is best suitable for you. This eliminates stress and makes the life insurance process much easier to comprehend.

Buying Life insurance is a way of eliminating your family from incurring additional costs due to the passing of a loved one. In many occasions these costs are overlooked due to the fact that losing a loved one is overwhelming on its own. Click one of the products on the left to find out which product may be more suitable for your needs.

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LIfe Insurance

Buying Life Insurance

Life Insurance can save your family from great financial debts. It can also build equity while you pay your premiums and invest in different types of funds. This can all be done while protecting your family from unpaid debts and preserve your estates or even protect your family from possible capital gains.

Life Insurance should be implemented if you have any unpaid mortgage debt, multiple properties, car loans, student loans, if you are a parent, if you have any dependents or even if you are a student re-paying student loans. All of these aspects can carry a financial burden on your family, and whether they are big or small, we all need to protect our loved ones.

Certain products carry many different features and it is up to us to decipher which product is best for you. Understanding your product is essential when making your purchase. Ensure you are asking yourself the right questions!

Are my debts temporary or long-term? How much money does my family need to survive if I am not around? Will there be any capital gains in my estate when it is inherited? These are some of the questions our agents can help you with! Feel free to contact us for more information or to call us for a free consultation.