Health & Dental Insurance

Are you single, have a family, or are an employer with 5-5,000 employees?

Health & Dental insurance helps families and companies diversify the high costs of today’s medical expenses. Covering up to 100%, benefits plans can be the light at the end of the tunnel. IGS Insurance provides the ability to customize these plans, giving you exactly what you need, when you need it.

Have you lost your benefits with your previous Job? You can also obtain Replacement Health Insurance with no medicals! When your employer has recently terminated your coverage.

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For Employers

Canadian Visits to Dentists
  • Canadians Visiting Dentists
  • Canadians Avoiding Dentists Due to Cost
  • Canadians avoiding full treatment due to cost

Health Insurance Coverage
  • Est. # of people provided with disability income protection
  • Est. # of People With Extended Health Care coverage
  • Est. # of People with Dental Reimbursement Coverage

Dental Insurance
  • % of people who have Dental Coverage
  • % of People who are not Covered
  • % of people with public dental coverage