Statistics suggest that one in three individuals will suffer from a disability before the age of 65. Do you have disability coverage in place to insure a timely recovery period that will limit the adjustment to their monthly finances?

Ask Yourself:

  • Could you afford to stay home without your regular income?
  • Where would the funds come from to insure a successful recovery all while maintaining your current lifestyle?
  • Could you maintain monthly expenses such as your mortgage, taxes, car leases, car insurance, cable bill, phone bill, and groceries if you or one of your family members became disabled?

If you answered no to anyone of these questions this product is definitely for you. Fill out the request form to find out more.

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Disability Insurance

Buying Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance is essential for those in a steady occupation. Have you wondered what would happen if you were disabled and unable to go to work? This product is an income replacement to help support your family while you are in recovery. If your income is what keeps the bills paid than this product is for you! Disability Insurance covers you 24hrs around the clock. If you get sick or hurt causing you to be unable to perform the duties of your occupation our products will help you not only get better but ensure you are able to pay the bills at the same time.

Disability should be considered in the even you are not covered by a WSIB plan. Are you Self-Employed? Are you a commissioned based employee? Does WSIB not cover the amount you need to live? If so, Disability may be the Vice you need in the event you ever get sick or hurt.

There is always the possibility you may never get sick or hurt in your occupation. thankfully if you are one of these people we may still convert the disability policy into a Long-term Care policy. Check out Long-Term care in the products section to learn more about this!

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