It is a fact that one in three Canadians will experience a life-altering illness during their lifetime. Who do you know whom has suffered from a heart attack, heart disease, stroke or cancer? Critical illness provides you with coverage when you need it the most. Protecting you from the severe medical costs incurred while we are in our most vulnerable state.

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Critical Illness

Buying Critical Illness Insurance

We often take advantage of our continued great health. Unfortunately, many families carry hereditary diseases of which can catch up to our good health and cause extremely expensive medical bills that we may or may not be able to afford. For this, we offer Critical Illness Insurance.  If you or your loved ones have had a family member been diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness this product may very well be up your ally.

Critical Illness should be considered if any family member has ever been diagnosed with a terminal illness or if you are aware of any hereditary diseases that may run along your family tree.

There may be the occasion you have purchased such a policy and thankfully you have not gotten sick.  We offer a Return of Premium option of which can be purchased at the time of application.

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